Outplacement for your employees in middle and lower management – as an integral part of your severance package

Do you have to terminate the contract of one (or more) employees due to economical reasons?
But you want to give him/her meaningful support in the search for a new position in the market or in his/her professional reorientation?
It is important for you as a socially committed company that your employees are not left alone after the termination agreements.

You may know the bigger outplacement companies – but in many cases, i.e. employees in middle and lower positions often need a different approach to outplacement that really focuses on their personal & individual circumstance – and also reduces your costs without compromise of quality and effectiveness.

I can offer a tailored support for your employees with regard to promoting their personal capability and their own ‘brand’ to prospective new employers.

A modular approach can help you decide about the scope and the intensity of the outplacement.

  • Assessment of current situation, optimization of the application material
  • Support in the research of vacancies and in the company specified letter of application (German/English)
  • CV and job application preparation – and preparation for and reflections of job interviews

I am happy to make you an appropriate offer according to your request.